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A facelift for Sadarghat

  • Published at 12:03 am August 29th, 2019

A positive, solution-seeking approach to tackle our problems

The remarkable transformation of Sadarghat -- once the very definition of an inefficient, unsafe, and chaotic mess -- to a more civil, manageable, safe, and efficient port for the country’s launches and river-boats, should serve as strong encouragement that it is possible to address and solve even the most difficult of issues in our country.

Indeed, addressing the problem at Sadarghat was long overdue; thousands of passengers on a daily basis had to endure the turmoil while attempting to weave through and embark or disembark from their boats and launches.

Addressing this issue, the government authorities and respective agencies must be given plenty of credit for not only recognizing the problems that plagued Sadarghat -- which included illegal shops, inundation by road-side hawkers, and unnecessary vehicles which lead to overcrowding and thus pick-pockets and thefts -- but also for taking action by conducting rigorous drives to clean up the area.

While the transformation is admirable, it is far from being complete. The area remains filthy and pungent, and a health hazard especially for the workers and labourers who must work daily.

To that end, it is encouraging to see that the authorities are not resting on their laurels and intend to complete Sadarghat’s transformation into a passenger-friendly port of global standards.

And this is the attitude the country needs to employ -- a positive, solution-seeking approach to tackle our problems no matter how grim they look in order to transform Bangladesh and realize the full potential that it presents.