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Zero tolerance for mob lynchings

  • Published at 12:00 am August 28th, 2019

Our terrible culture of lynching is a product of rampant injustices in society

Mob lynchings have become a national epidemic, but the government still remains largely inactive about it.

Sadly, other than distributing some public awareness materials, so far the government has not done much to stop such violence. Only some of the perpetrators of these lynchings have been brought to justice. That is definitely not enough.

To put a stop to these mob lynchings once and for all, we must understand the very nature of the crime. 

Why do these incidents take place? The fact that the public is forcing its way into the position of the judge, jury, and executioner indicates that they are wary of the role of either of these institutions. The fact that the authorities are often not catching the alleged perpetrators and handing them over to the police indicates that the trust in our law enforcement agencies has eroded. 

As such, it is incomplete to simply punish those who take part in the lynchings. If a system is broken, those who take part in the systematic injustice are barely lone actors. 

We must recognize that our terrible culture of lynching is a product of rampant injustices in society and the inability of the government to make its institutions effective.

So, when the High Court condemns the government’s inaction in saving the victims of mob lynchings, we can assume that it is suggesting that the public institutions be made more responsive and responsible. 

Unless and until the culture of indemnity can be brought to an end, and people’s trust in law enforcement authorities is restored, it will be hard to fully change the toxic mindset that leads to mob lynchings. 

In the meantime, it is of the greatest urgency that perpetrators of mob lynchings are punished to the fullest letter of the law.