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Leave no stone unturned

  • Published at 12:00 am August 27th, 2019
Representational Image Mahmud Hossain Opu

Dengue mosquitoes were found in government offices

While the government and our city corporations’ efforts to control the population of Aedes mosquitoes by fining citizens was a cautious step in the right direction, those measures are all but undone when one realizes that government premises themselves have been found to be breeding grounds for Aedes.

In a recent investigation by a team of Dhaka Tribune journalists, dengue-carrying mosquitoes were found in government offices such as Bidyut Bhaban and Bangladesh Shishu Academy. While metro railway construction sites -- which are slowly expanding throughout the city -- were also found guilty of harbouring Aedes.

What makes the situation worse is that, as the Dhaka Tribune’s investigative team found out, workers at these places either tend to pass the buck to others or pick up the slack only when their errors are called out.

There is no doubt that the government has taken initiatives to ensure that the dengue epidemic is kept under control. But if these efforts are meant to be taken seriously, they have to be all-encompassing, which means that even government buildings cannot be free from fines and other forms of punishment. 

According to the Directorate General of Health Services, so far, a staggering 63,514 people infected with dengue have been admitted to hospitals this year. A number that is five times than that of last year.

The government, alongside our city corporations, definitely need to start taking the dengue epidemic more seriously and take adequate measures to contain the disease. This means leaving no stone turned -- be it a citizen’s residence or a government building.