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Saving the environment requires action

  • Published at 11:58 pm August 22nd, 2019
Nepali workers search for recyclable materials from a a pile of waste collected from Mount Everest, in Kathmandu on June 5, 2019 AFP

Clearly there is a lot for us to do

Nepal’s recent ban on single-use plastics can be considered an example of the sort of steps that we need to take if we wish to retain the environmental integrity of our planet.

According to reports, in addition to seeing a record number of climbers this year, a government-led cleaning initiative on Mt Everest collected over 10 tons of trash. 

The Nepalese authorities should be applauded for realizing the danger that single-use plastics pose to the environment and taking the necessary actions to protect one of the world’s most iconic locations.

There is no denying that the world is rapidly changing as it adapts to man-made impacts, resulting in what we now know as climate change. What is also indisputable is the fact that Bangladesh is one of the nations that would feel the adverse effects of climate change the most.

While the brunt of the responsibility definitely lies on the part of the many first-world nations which have developed at the expense of countries like ours, and they should provide the necessary aid we require to help us combat these effects, it is also up to us as a people to make sure that our environment remains clean and healthy.

One of the ways we have been failing on that front is the dire state of our rivers, some of which are polluted to the point where eco-systems are in danger of going extinct. On the other hand, the current dengue epidemic would not be as severe if we put the right amount of effort into making sure our cities were clean.

Clearly there is a lot for us to do.

We should pay heed to Nepal and their hard-line stance in maintaining the sanctity of their environment. Creating awareness and spreading the message will only help to a certain extent.

What we need is concrete action.