• Thursday, Dec 12, 2019
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An Eid for everyone

  • Published at 12:01 am August 11th, 2019

While Eid is meant to be celebrated with much fanfare, it also prioritizes kindness and generosity

Eid-ul-Azha is upon us.

On this holy day, Muslims around the world unite and sacrifice cattle and other livestock, signifying the importance of taking stock of what we have and appreciating the many boons God has given us. 

It also marks the annual Hajj pilgrimage, where millions of Muslims make the journey to Makkah, the holiest of cities for Muslims.

With the true spirit of Eid-ul-Azha being one of sacrifice and appreciation, let us remember the poor and the less fortunate, and do everything we can to provide them with the life they deserve. 

For Bangladesh, this is especially important, considering the fact that there are still millions amongst us who have yet to reap the benefits of our burgeoning economy, who either find themselves without a home, without shelter, without food. 

It is this generosity which has allowed us to become the contemporary vanguards of humanity -- we have provided shelter and aid to more than a million Rohingya, who fled persecution in neighbouring Myanmar.

Let us hold on to this generosity with strength and perseverance this Eid, and remember that, while Eid is meant to be celebrated with much fanfare amongst family and friends, it also prioritizes kindness and generosity. 

It shows us that, given the will and the effort, we can come together and provide the poor and the needy with all that they need so that they may live a better life. 

And, as we sacrifice the animals we have bought, let us also remember that communal harmony remains of the utmost importance in the days coming forward, and that this is a festival for every Bangladeshi, no matter their religion, race, or creed.

Eid Mubarak to all our readers.