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Paving the way to equality

  • Published at 12:04 am August 6th, 2019
Gender equality

There are few markers of progress more genuine than one where all genders enjoy equality

Despite the numerous advancements Bangladesh has made, and continues to make, as a nation over the past decade or so, the issue of gender equality, especially within our legal system, remains a contentious topic and that requires to be addressed.

On that end, Kamal Hossain’s words -- regarding the need for creative effort on the part of all concerned stakeholders to bring about change within the legal framework of the country -- should be heeded and used as encouragement to begin the due process of reforms.

While it is true that in a multi-cultural country with different ethnicities, religions, and socioeconomic implications, making reforms to include uniform gender-sensitive laws and regulations provides a significant challenge to all those involved in the procedure; there is no excuse, in the 21st century, to abide by backward-thinking ideologies that perpetuate certain negative stereotypes and stigmas in our society.

However, it is also true that while reforms are being proposed, it is important that cultural beliefs and traditions are taken into account. 

Yet, care must also be given to not allow conservative thinking to stand in the way of genuine progress, as there are few markers of progress for a nation more genuine than one where all genders enjoy equality.

Indeed, there are significant advantages of a just and equal society and there is little doubt that the women of this country have always played a significant role in upholding its values and contributing to the economy. 

On that note, strategic legal reforms to address the issue of gender equality in the country will be yet another step in ensuring a fairer, more gender-equal Bangladesh.