• Sunday, Dec 15, 2019
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A lack of action

  • Published at 11:53 pm August 1st, 2019

Both DNCC and DSCC have done a woefully inadequate job of keeping the city clean

While the city corporations are keen to make the public believe that everything is being done to stop the spread of dengue, the reality is that it is a lack of action that has brought us to this point. 

Dengue this year has reached record-breaking levels -- this year so far, 17,183 have been diagnosed with the fever, while in a single 24-hour period between Tuesday and Wednesday morning alone, 1,477 patients were diagnosed.

These numbers are alarming, and entirely unacceptable.

The conditions under which the dengue virus spreads have been known for quite some time -- the Aedes mosquito which carries dengue breeds in dirty, stagnant water, and so problems in drainage, in managing rainwater, and problems in the overall level of garbage and waste-matter in the capital city are the main culprits for the spread of the virus.

Simply put, both DNCC and DSCC have done a woefully inadequate job of keeping the city clean as well as managing the problem of water-logging, thus taking the dengue problem to epidemic levels for the very first time.

It is extremely worrying to think that such high levels of dengue may become the new normal, or that the problem may get worse year after year.

Even in the mosquito control front, the authorities have been ineffective; the Mosquito Control Office, established back in 1948 as part of the Ministry of Health, seems to have stopped functioning entirely, now serving as a storage space for medicine.

It is high time for the authorities to take some responsibility, and treat the dengue problem as the highest priority -- we have already seen the price of inaction, and it is not one which citizens can afford.