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A sick culture of violence

  • Published at 02:00 am July 24th, 2019
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Violence, of course, is never the answer. Neither is vigilante justice, for that matter

The alarming numbers of public lynchings that the nation is currently witnessing is a real threat to all the progress we have made as a society, as stories of innocent people being publicly beaten, often to death, are becoming shockingly common.

And while this is most definitely a failure of our law enforcement in containing these incidents, we feel compelled to ask: What led to this state of affairs?

Exactly what would compel a group of people to completely abandon any sense of civility, and subject a fellow human being to near animalistic levels of violence?

The story of the single mother being beaten to death in broad daylight for nothing more than going to a school for information, shocked us all, which has been followed by a number of similar incidents, including, most recently, two disabled women being tied to trees and mercilessly tortured by people.

In all these cases, the common theme appears to be the victims being suspected to be child-abductors. We question the validity of these suspicions, as they come off as little more than flimsy justification for these groups of people to commit violence for the sake of violence.

And that itself is perhaps the crux of this social illness.

There is no denying that, in our culture, we are too quick to resort to violence as a means of conflict resolution -- as testified by the inordinate number of domestic help being subjected to violence at the hands of their employers.

Violence, of course, is never the answer. Neither is vigilante justice, for that matter -- but “justice” is not a word anyone can use to describe these incidents.