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Betting the farm

  • Published at 11:54 pm July 19th, 2019

We hope that the sector continues to receive the attention it deserves

It is no small feat for Bangladesh to be deemed the fastest growing economy in the Asia-Pacific region, with a projected record growth rate of 8%, compared to the average growth rate of the region, which stands at less than 6%. 

This has come about, no doubt, through governmental policies which have incentivized businesses and diversification of the economy, and the hard work of our citizens. 

One of the more important but often overlooked forces behind our admirable economic performance has been our agriculture sector, which has gained significant success in this regard, achieving some of the fastest growth in the world in vegetable, fish, rice, aquaculture, and mango production -- so much so that we have become self-sufficient when it comes to fish and rice. 

With agriculture being the sector with the highest number of employees, it is clear that millions of people’s livelihoods have benefitted from this growth, while also generating new employment for millions of others. 

Agriculture has become increasingly important as of late, as sustainable food production methods will not only prepare us for the detrimental effects of climate change, but will go a long way towards ensuring food security for the population. 

Bangladesh has already shown the way by becoming the world’s first nation to release vitamin A enriched rice varieties, taking a significant step towards fighting against the deficiency of important nutrients, and a growing agriculture sector will ensure that such innovations continue to take place to provide better quality food to the Bangladeshi people. 

We hope that the sector continues to receive the attention it deserves, and that it continues to provide us with greater achievements in farming production in the future.