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Dealing with dengue

  • Published at 11:55 pm July 18th, 2019

We must treat the dangers of dengue with the utmost seriousness

It is a matter of grave concern that, from January to June of this year, 2,100 people have been infected by the dengue virus, with around 22 people dead as a result. 

The number of dengue patients has continued to rise and, if not brought under control, a dengue outbreak would be disastrous, leading to thousands of people being hospitalized, and potentially costing dozens if not hundreds of lives. 

As such, it is imperative that we take immediate action to ensure that the disease does not spread further, and that awareness is created amongst the populace so that preventative measures are taken at home as well. 

However, it is worrisome that recent studies have shown that mosquitoes have grown resistant, and how certain insecticides are completely ineffective against them.

It seems evident that the authorities should have acted sooner to prevent the spread of the disease. Furthermore, the fact that certain public hospitals still do not have any means by which to conduct tests for dengue is worrisome, to say the least. 

It is encouraging, however, that the High Court has ordered the two city corporations to take immediate action in this regard, and bring in effective medicine on an emergency basis to control the situation. 

It is also commendable that the government is currently in the process of carrying out several initiatives, with an anti-mosquito drive from next week, which would go a long way towards ensuring that Aedes mosquitoes, which carry the dengue virus, are thwarted.

We must treat the dangers of dengue with the utmost seriousness, and prioritize the need for preventative measures that will ensure that the spread of the disease is stopped in its tracks.