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Myanmar must face the music

  • Published at 10:54 pm July 17th, 2019

These latest sanctions on Myanmar’s military leaders should be lauded as the right move

Finally, the United States has taken a concrete step towards holding the Myanmar regime accountable for the atrocities committed against the Rohingya.

Such a step by a global superpower like the US has been a long time coming, and should shake many other countries out of their slumber as well, compelling them to take a hard stance against those responsible for the violence and killing in Rakhine state.

These latest sanctions on Myanmar’s military leaders, including their Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing, should be lauded as the right move -- it is only through such an uncompromising stance can we ensure that those responsible are punished for their crimes.

Australia, Canada, and the EU have all, also, recognized the truth of what has taken place in the Rakhine state, with Australia specifically placing sanctions against five Myanmar generals, signaling that such a flagrant humanitarian catastrophe deliberately created by a government cannot stand.

With the US now throwing in its weight, the international pressure on Myanmar will be too much to ignore, and it is crucial to keep the momentum going to see a resolution to this crisis, which Bangladesh has been handling with great finesse even though our own resources are at breaking point.

It is nothing short of a travesty that, even now, the Myanmar government continues to deny its role in the massacre, thereby denying the Rohingya community the justice it deserves.

But no more: The Myanmar army has gotten away with murder for a long time, but it is now time to face the music.