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The right skill for the right job

  • Published at 12:01 am July 16th, 2019

Much of our growth has been jobless

One of the biggest problems facing our country is rising youth unemployment, and much of it can be chalked up to their lack of access to relevant, high-quality skills. This is a shame because Bangladesh has a sizeable youth bulge that is hungry for opportunities to prove itself.

To that end, it is good to know that the Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre is taking an initiative to remedy the current situation when it comes to skills training for our youth population -- with the help of the IKEA Foundation, BYLC is set to provide vocational training to nearly 10,000 young men and women from low-income families.

The project, referred to as “Creating a Sustainable and Prosperous Future for Bangladeshi Youth,” will offer courses on problem solving, critical thinking, public speaking, entrepreneurship, career development, career planning, and more.
Needless to say, this is exactly the sort of initiative that the youth of our nation requires.

Although Bangladesh has observed steady growth when it comes to the economy, much of our growth has been jobless, which leaves a lot of our young population demoralized and aimless.

While increasing job creation is always a silver-bullet solution to this issue, another, more overlooked, solution lies in our higher educational institutes joining forces with our various industries in collaborating and formulating specific curricula that ease students’ ways into employment.

As it stands, our country lacks any meaningful progress in terms of skills training as we lack sufficiently qualified trainers and assessors -- which is why we require more initiatives such as the one the BYLC-IKEA Foundation partnership is seeking to provide.

The youth are most definitely the future, and the future requires the right skills for the right job.