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No alternative to good governance

  • Published at 12:02 am July 16th, 2019
Good Governance

For far too long, Bangladesh has threatened to undo its own progress

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s personal emphasis on establishing good governance in the country must be taken seriously, across all sectors and by each and every stakeholder within the system.

Additionally, her emphasis on seeking solutions and developing plans to address the various issues plaguing the country is the perfect attitude that ought to be learned and integrated by all the citizens of Bangladesh, but especially those holding positions within the government and other civil services.

However, for far too long, Bangladesh has threatened to undo its own progress through a culture of bureaucracy, unaccountability, and a general lack of foresight.

This needs to change.

Indeed, it is also important that the people also be equipped with the resources required to make these changes, and the government needs to be doing its part in providing the right incentives and opportunities, along with instructions on where some of these shortcomings lie and how to address them.

To that end, the PM’s 31-point directive to the deputy commissioners (DCs) at the five-day annual conference of DCs -- where there will be further discussion of over 300 proposals with ministers, advisors, state ministers, and senior secretaries over 24 working sessions -- should, hopefully, yield positive results and implementation of the PM’s orders.

While there is little doubt of the progress that Bangladesh has made as a nation, particularly over the past decade where there has been incredible economic growth, it is imperative that the overall development of the country does not face obstacles due to sub-par governance.