• Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019
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The need for adaptation

  • Published at 12:03 am July 11th, 2019

To adapt, Bangladesh needs to seek innovative and progressive solutions

Few issues are more pressing for our planet as a whole than climate change, so it is good to see Dhaka hosting the meeting of the Global Commission on Adaptation, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the capital yesterday.

It is a well known fact that Bangladesh is among the countries most susceptible to the adverse effects of climate change, and so, our government will have to play a leading role in coming up with ways to adapt to the numerous challenges we will be facing.

As can be easily observed, climate change is already having a devastating impact on Bangladesh -- we are a relatively low-lying country, and researchers say that people living on the char regions, of which there are 10 million Bangladeshis, are the most vulnerable to climate impacts, from flooding to storms, to worsening erosion.

Adaptation means changing our way so that we can survive in a new reality, and adaptive strategies can include things like floating hospital ships, equipped with medical facilities, and doctors providing free treatment in the chars.

To adapt, then, Bangladesh needs to seek innovative and progressive solutions.

Science has repeatedly proven that climate change is real, and yet it remains a contentious topic globally, with the United States unwilling to treat the problem as a priority.

Poorer countries like Bangladesh are some of the lowest greenhouse gas emitters, and yet we are the ones that end up having to pay the price of the activities of richer nations.

But if we are to face this threat in a practical and realistic manner, regardless of the actions of other countries, Bangladesh simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of adaptation.