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Don’t compromise on water

  • Published at 11:57 pm July 5th, 2019

It is their responsibility to ensure that the water we receive in our homes is safe for drinking

Clean, safe drinking water for residents of our capital should not be too much to ask for, but sadly, we are a long way from that reality.

It is truly alarming to know that four out of the 10 zones under Dhaka Wasa were found to contain notable levels of arsenic, ammonia, chlorine, bacteria, and even E coli, according to a report submitted by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. 

There is no doubt that this is an unacceptable state of affairs -- water is perhaps the most essential resource in our daily lives, and to have it be contaminated with dangerous chemicals and bacteria speaks to an appalling level of negligence on the part of the authorities. 

Unfortunately, this is nothing new -- in May, it was found that the water supplied by Wasa in 57 areas of the city were polluted, which came as no surprise, with residents of the city used to purifying their water in some way or the other to ensure that it was safe for drinking.

Such disregard for the safety of Dhaka’s people is not something we as a nation should stand for. We are entirely dependent on Wasa when it comes to water supply, and it is their responsibility to ensure that the water we receive in our homes is safe for drinking. 

We must not only prioritize the availability of drinking water, but also hold Wasa to account in this regard -- after all, millions of people’s lives are being put at risk as a result of this negligence, and impunity would merely send the message that such negligence is acceptable.