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The potential of our youth

  • Published at 12:02 am July 4th, 2019

A larger focus on vocational and technical training can allow our youth population to flourish

One of Bangladesh’s greatest strengths is its sizeable youth population, but that “youth bulge” is only a good thing if we can utilize it properly. 

Capable, eager, and ready to commit themselves to the cause of national progress, young men and women throughout the nation have immense, untapped potential that can propel the economy forward.

However, thus far, we have done a poor job of capitalizing on the demographic dividend, as evidenced by growing rates of youth unemployment throughout the nation.

One of the main reasons behind the current state of affairs is the lack of tangible investment on the youth, and a lack of understanding of the specific things that the youth need.

The fact is, the youth of Bangladesh are hungry and eager for jobs, and although Bangladesh has been experiencing tremendous economic growth in the past years, much of that growth has been jobless, leaving many young people hopeless and demoralized.

Increased job creation can lower the currently high youth unemployment rate, but another solution lies in our institutions of higher learning collaborating with other industries in formulating curricula that can directly benefit our economy, and connect students with jobs.

Right now, there is a lack of diversity in our university curricula, and too many students are bombarded with the message that becoming a white-collar professional is the only way to go, and that mindset needs to change.

A larger focus on vocational and technical training, and a keener understanding of the skills needed for the economy of the future, can allow our youth population -- and our economy -- to flourish to its full potential.