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Developing sustainably

  • Published at 10:56 pm June 28th, 2019

The rift between the rich and the poor will be the defining factor in holding us back

There is no denying that Bangladesh has taken great strides in the last decade or so, not only in terms of increasing our economic prowess both home and abroad, but also ensuring that the quality of life of its citizens continues to improve.

For this, the government’s support must be commended, especially when it comes to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly.

But what can also not be denied is that there are still challenges which prevent us from taking the next step forward, with key issues being income inequality and social disparity. 

As is obvious, in terms of growth, Bangladesh has moved with efficiency and effectiveness; however, if the growth is not inclusive, taking into account the plights of the poorest and most vulnerable amongst us, then all this progress will be for naught. 

Experts have touted that, in the context of our nation, fulfilling the SDGs had three key elements: “Problems of resource distribution, structural aspects of the problem, and the issue relating to democracy and government.”

If our national approach does not consider each and every citizen which makes Bangladesh what it is, in the long run, the rift between the rich and the poor will be the defining factor in holding us back from reaching our full potential. 

At the end of the day, meeting the SDGs -- which aim to address issues of poverty, hunger, education, and gender equality, for example -- will not only go a long way in ensuring that the progress we make caters to every individual, but also that this progress remains sustainable.