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Making the environment a priority

  • Published at 10:54 pm June 21st, 2019

It is crucial that governmental and private enterprises across the nation pay heed to the PM’s words

For Bangladesh, a nation that remains one of the countries most vulnerable to the detrimental effects of climate change, never has it been more important for governmental policy to prioritize our environment and the ecosystem that preserves it. 

In this regard, it is encouraging to see that the prime minister has provided her support, and encouraged policy-makers and development partners to revise existing conceptions of how to tackle climate change. 

In fact, the current government has taken massive initiatives to ensure the sustained ecological balance of the country, such as the formulation of the Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, which aims to raise funds towards preserving the valuable natural ecosystems present throughout our nation’s landscape.

With many of our rivers on the brink of death, and the recent recognition of the Sundarbans as World Heritage in danger, on top of the very real threat of climate change, it is crucial that governmental and private enterprises across the nation pay heed to the PM’s words and take necessary steps.

This will come about not only through simple acts, such as the planting of more trees across the country, but also through incentivizing greener policies which prioritize the environment over mere short-term gain. 

In fact, in the long run, the benefits of forestation, the preservation of water-bodies, and other climate-friendly actions have immense benefits, as they provide sustenance to the economy in ways other industries never can.

While there is no doubt that our various sectors have taken great strides in ensuring economic progress, it has become imminent that we also consider the changing environment as a priority, and ensure its preservation to the fullest extent possible.