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The golden fibre

  • Published at 11:26 pm June 10th, 2019

Jute has historically been of significance to the region

There is no doubt that the jute sector can offer much to the Bangladesh economy, and, as a product, it has much to contribute in helping Bangladesh grow and achieve its economic goals.

Therefore, it is good to see that there is growing enthusiasm among jute farmers, especially in the northern regions of the country like Rajshahi -- this is a result of farmers receiving fairer prices during the last couple of years, encouraging them to cultivate more of the golden fibre.

Indeed, what must be commended is the role private jute mills have played, along with the increased prioritization jute has received from the authorities involved such as favourable bank loans, all of which has created a favourable climate for the farmers to focus their energy on achieving substantial yield.

When it comes to jute cultivation, what cannot be ignored is the vital role technological advancement has also played -- from better quality seeds to using seeder machines and the ribbon-retting method to extract quality fibre, it is extremely encouraging to see our farmers adopting the latest technology in their farming and cultivating efforts.  

Jute has historically been of significance to the region -- though the sector has unfortunately received quite a few blows since Bangladesh’s independence in 1971 -- and therefore, it is a step in the right direction to see the authorities take a pro-active approach to reviving the industry and harness its full potential, a decision that no doubt will benefit all of Bangladesh.