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Water, water everywhere

  • Published at 12:01 am June 3rd, 2019

What the city needs are sweeping changes made to our drainage infrastructure

One of the more recurring issues that citizens of Dhaka have to face with every year is water-logging. Indeed, during the monsoon season, the capital becomes near unnavigable due to a faulty drainage infrastructure that does little to filter out the excessive rainwater.

While the authorities have previously made numerous promises to tackle this issue with the commitment it requires, we have seen very few real examples outside of short-term ad hoc solutions.

Which is why the new bypass drainage cana, along Kalshi to Baunia, part of Dhaka North, is a promising endeavour.

While the canal itself is nowhere near a permanent solution to the city’s water logging problems, it is a step in the right direction -- what the city needs are sweeping changes made to our drainage infrastructure.

One of the major challenges that have gotten in the way of such changes is the lack of coordination and cooperation between the stakeholders involved: Dhaka WASA and our city corporations.

The two administrative bodies have consistently failed to work together in making any progress on this front, leaving citizens to suffer.

This sort of negligence cannot be allowed any longer.

As the problems of urban flooding and water logging are nothing new for city dwellers in Bangladesh, we hope the new canal is a sign of more concrete progress further down the line.