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The OIC needs to step up

  • Published at 12:02 am June 2nd, 2019

The OIC is uniquely positioned to put an end to the Rohingya crisis

It is encouraging to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina seek the support of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states to launch a case at the International Court of Justice to ensure accountability for, and an end to, the Rohingya crisis.

After all, the OIC is uniquely positioned to put an end to the Rohingya crisis -- a crisis which is a global humanitarian concern, not just a problem for the Bangladesh government. 

So far, our country has provided shelter for the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have crossed the border over into the camps at Cox’s Bazar, and among all the international organizations that should be working towards a solution to the Rohingya crisis as the highest of priorities, no organization has a more immediate responsibility than the OIC.

This organization of 57 Muslim-majority countries calls itself “the collective voice of the Muslim world.”

So then let us really hear this voice -- some 1.6 billion people live in OIC countries, giving the organization the clout in the global arena to lead the way in taking stern international action against Myanmar, and to provide shelter for the hundreds of thousands of displaced Rohingya.

OIC member states can discuss ways of taking in refugee communities and integrating them into their own countries, of providing political, humanitarian, and material support to refugee camps, and putting pressure on various UN agencies to do the right thing

There can be no excuse for powerful Muslims nations to close their eyes to such a humanitarian catastrophe.