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A bus to the city

  • Published at 12:04 am May 29th, 2019

We are quite possibly witnessing some real progress in our infrastructure

An efficient public transport infrastructure is the key to the success of any modern city.

That is why it is all the more unfortunate that Dhaka’s public bus system has, for a long time, not been subjected to any major overhaul, and the vehicles have been kept running with the bare minimum of maintenance.

We were, quite recently, on the verge of formulating a solution within the late Mayor Annisul Huq’s ambitious plans to completely transform how our buses work within the capital city.

The idea was a colour-coded system, where easily identifiable buses would follow a specific route -- this system would have introduced some much-needed linearity into the existing chaos that is our bus infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the DNCC mayor passed away before he could personally see his plans come into fruition.

Thankfully, current DNCC and DSCC mayors Atiqul Islam and Sayeed Khokon are picking up where the late mayor left off, and have recently inaugurated a similar service in Dhaka’s Uttara area.

This is exactly the kind of initiative we look forward to in our civil administration, especially when it comes to improving our infrastructure.

With the introduction of this system, and the Rapid Pass Card approved by the BRTC earlier last year, we are quite possibly witnessing some real progress in our infrastructure.

The last piece of the puzzle would, then, be the introduction of dedicated bus lanes in our roads.

If Bangladesh wishes to move forward towards middle-income status, it must improve the way the public transport system currently functions, and the bus system is a good place to start.