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Digitizing success

  • Published at 12:00 am May 28th, 2019

Such success, of course, was not overnight

One needs to look no further than the booming online businesses in Bangladesh to come to the conclusion that Digital Bangladesh is now a reality if not a success. 

The seeds of this success found root in businesses ranging from retail clothing to home services, but nowhere has this success been more prominent than in the online food business industry, which is now worth a staggering $10 million. 

This is especially impressive considering the fact that such businesses barely existed six years ago. 

The success of the online food business industry should serve as a reminder, not only of the immense potential the combination of an emerging workforce and increasing foreign direct investment has, but also of how much more we can accomplish in the future, not only in this particular industry, but across other digital platforms. 

Such success, of course, was not overnight.

We must remember that all this progress has been achieved about as a result of how much the government has incentivized digitization and the passion and hard work of the people of this country. 

We must continue to ensure that remains the case, while also improving where we can, and creating a business environment which ensures sustained success for businesses, both digital and otherwise, across the nation.