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The road is clear

  • Published at 12:00 am May 26th, 2019
Represntational photo Photo: Bigstock

Any efforts towards improving connectivity with other cities would go a long way

Dhaka and Chittagong are two of the most important cities to Bangladesh’s economy, so it makes perfect sense to have both cities connected in a way that allows for a smooth and fast flow of people and business between the cities in order to help maintain our current economic trajectory.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case for too long.

Despite the two megacities being connected by a four-lane express highway, passengers and traders ferrying goods have faced many difficulties, with their commute often being bogged down by the numerous choke points which plague two major bridges, over the rivers Meghna and Gumti, along the highway.

Thankfully, it appears the government is finally on the verge of solving this issue.

New bridges along the Dhaka-Chittagong highway will finally do away with the choke points and pave the way for faster roadway communications between the capital city and our port city. The new bridges are expected to drastically reduce the current bottlenecks.

What is more, the old bridges will be refurbished in order to ease current transportation.

Dhaka obviously stands to remain at the forefront of all our economic activity, but the importance of Chittagong as a port city should not be underestimated; in fact, it would behoove the government to put in the extra effort in order to fully explore the city’s potential as a contributor to our growth.

To that end, any efforts towards improving connectivity with other cities would go a long way.

With the new bridges, travellers and cargo carriers can now take full advantage of the four-lane Dhaka Chittagong highway, and hopefully, this project will only keep on giving, far into the future.