• Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019
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The need to adapt

  • Published at 12:04 am May 23rd, 2019

Bangladesh will have to come up with solutions to adapt to the numerous challenges that it will inevitably face

As the threat of climate change looms large on the planet, Bangladesh -- as one of the countries which will be most susceptible to it -- will have to come up with solutions to adapt to the numerous challenges that it will inevitably face.

There is little doubt that climate change is already having a devastating impact on Bangladesh; as a relatively low-lying country, some parts of Bangladesh are among the most vulnerable, and researchers say people living on the chars, of which there are 10 million in Bangladesh, far away from the mainland, are at the forefront of experiencing climate impacts -- from flooding, storms, and worsening erosion.

On that front, the initiative of a non-governmental organization to deploy floating hospital ships, equipped with medical facilities and doctors providing free treatment in the chars serves as encouragement that there are people within Bangladesh who are, instead of complaining, seeking innovative and progressive solutions to tackle the problems.

It is unfortunate that climate change remains a contentious topic in many countries, when science has repeatedly proven its imminent threat; what is also unfortunate is that most of the highly vulnerable countries, Bangladesh included, have been least responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions that have been the primary reason for the world to experience global warming.

While the numerous global initiatives that are being pursued are noteworthy, and Bangladesh is in the thick of global negotiations to develop policies and agreements, ultimately the onus is on every single country and its authorities, to best prepare and adapt to the problems climate change will continue to bring to our planet.