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Beating the mad rush

  • Published at 11:20 pm May 23rd, 2019

Authorities should make sure that such problems do not occur during the busiest time of the year

The commuter suffering that comes along with the Eid rush, where people across the nation travel to their hometowns to be with their families, should not, at this point in time, come as a surprise.

Despite knowing this, and despite the promise of hassle-free ticketing services, chaos ensues every year, as train stations and bus counters overflow with people going home for the holidays.

It is unfortunate to see that bus companies were seen to be charging exorbitant prices for tickets -- deemed to be “Eid special fare” -- while the promise of seamless ticketing for trains was brought to a halt due to a glitch on the website and the app. 

While we recognize the fact that technical issues may occur, and appreciate the commendable effort required to take advantage of the technology we now have access to at our fingertips, authorities should make sure that such problems do not occur during the busiest time of the year.

Eid is one of the most important occasions for Bangladeshis, and indeed, Muslims all over the world, and one of the only occasions when many people are able to see their families; the joy of these holidaymakers should not be tarnished by being conned into buying overpriced tickets. 

We have suffered this chaos for decades, and as a result, should have a better understanding by now of the problems we face every time Eid comes around. 

To that end, a well thought-out plan and more efficient use of human resources and technology would go a long way towards ensuring that the people of Bangladesh do not suffer so much during the holidays just trying to go home.