• Thursday, Oct 24, 2019
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Making our roads safer

  • Published at 12:02 am May 21st, 2019

The entire nation is desperate for solutions

Despite the round of protests last year regarding road safety, it is safe to say that it looks as though very little has changed; we still continue to hear about fatal accidents on an almost daily basis.

Road fatalities also go beyond just the tragic loss of innocent lives; in most cases, youth are the victims, robbing the nation of their future economic contributions.

It goes without saying that the entire nation is desperate for solutions.

In the light of this issue, it is good to hear suggestions from Soames Job, head of the Global Road Safety Facility and Global Lead for Road Safety at the World Bank, who offered some invaluable words of wisdom on how to make our roads safer.

Among his many suggestions were the integral issues of better road engineering -- which still needs to be learned and applied more broadly -- and establishing a change in user behaviour.

Contrary to popular belief, forcefully educating the masses on road safety is not the solution; in a country where road fatalities have become the norm, the onus is on the authorities to bring about a steady social change in attitude -- which is the long-term solution -- rather than forcing education and enforcement.

Indeed, plenty of fatalities occur because of recklessness and overconfidence on the part of the drivers, and it is only through policies and strategies which address this issue directly will we see a positive change, and reduce the number of fatalities we witness on our roads.