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A need for change

  • Published at 12:05 am May 14th, 2019

Our education system remains the one we inherited from our colonial past

Despite Bangladesh’s numerous economic achievements over the last decade or so, what cannot be disputed is that, when it comes to education and innovation, we still have a long way to go.

On that front, it is good to see that stalwarts of the current government -- ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak and Posts, Telecommunications, and Information Communication Technology (ICT) Minister Mustafa Jabbar -- recognize the issues.

And it is further encouraging to see them call for updating our education curriculum in line with the ever-advancing world, one steeped in innovation. 

With ambitions of reaching middle-income status in the near-future, the importance of having an education sector that is complementary to growth cannot be stated enough.

Our education system remains the one we inherited from our colonial past, and the years since have seen little in the way of innovation and reform.

This needs to change. 

With certain professions and industries rapidly becoming obsolete in the current technology-driven world, it is only when education institutes -- from primary level to universities -- make the necessary adjustments in their curriculum to account for these upcoming challenges will the nation see the progress its citizens are so eagerly anticipating.

Besides the reform in education curriculum, what is also needed is to instill -- especially in the youth of our country -- a culture of innovation and critical thinking, one that would empower our future labour force with the right mentality to tackle real world problems.