• Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019
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A humane solution

  • Published at 11:52 pm May 10th, 2019

Culling as a practice is both reprehensible and retrograde

It is highly encouraging to learn that the government has decided to move away from the inhumane act of culling street dogs, and instead, will be vaccinating them to prevent the spread of diseases such as rabies. 

This is not only a laudable initiative to ensure safety for our citizens, but also an indication of how far we have evolved as a society. 

After all, a society is judged not merely by how much progress it has made, or how prosperous its people, but, more than ever, by how well it treats its most vulnerable members. 

And there is no denying that some of the most vulnerable amongst us have been the myriad stray dogs -- there are 1.6 million in the country -- which inhabit the streets of Dhaka.

Culling as a practice is both reprehensible and retrograde in spirit and, as such, should not be acceptable in any form in the society we live in.

It is rather unfortunate that, despite a High Court ban in 2014, the practice has persisted in many parts of the country, and by various governing bodies. 

We hope that this move will not only allow municipalities to address the issue of diseases spread via animals more efficiently -- culling dogs, in fact, increases the risk of rabies spreading -- but also instigate a culture which vilifies such brutality and ensures punishment for those who practice it.  

The killing of dogs in a wanton manner is not merely an animal rights issue, but a matter of how compassionate we can be towards other creatures. We sincerely hope that the practice of culling is no longer allowed to continue.