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Going beyond grades

  • Published at 12:02 am May 8th, 2019

We must acknowledge the deeper issue of a curriculum that needs reform

With results for this year’s SSC and equivalent examinations having being published, it seems that the harmful phenomenon of grade inflation is on its way down, if not completely eliminated.

This year, the number of students who received GPA-5 stands at 105,594, which is 4.96% of all the students who sat for SSC examinations. In comparison, 7.59% of all students received the highest GPA in 2015, and 5.87% for 2017.

While it might not be immediately obvious -- and certainly many students are disappointed with their grade -- this is a good sign overall.

Our education sector has long been plagued by numerous problems, from the blight of question paper leaks to inter-institutional politics, but the artificial inflation of grades is one of the more damaging problems, which creates a skewed picture of candidates, distort expectations, and prevents from necessary improvements being made. 

Going beyond the grade issue, however, we must acknowledge the deeper issue of a curriculum that needs reform.

As it stands, the curriculum that students in our public schools are being made to follow is woefully outdated and outmoded, teaching not only backward values that should have no place in modern society, but sometimes facts that are downright wrong.

The young people of this country deserve a better education, which prepares them for the world -- this means the curriculum needs to be reformed and updated for the times -- sexism, bigotry, and prejudice have no place in textbooks, and history should not be presented to serve political ends.

If the curriculum has glaring faults, a good grade, even a GPA-5, will be meaningless.