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In the holiest of months

  • Published at 12:06 am May 7th, 2019
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This Ramadan, let us restore our faith in the religion of peace

Today begins the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims in Bangladesh.

In this holiest of months, Muslims will unite in observing, to the fullest extent, some of the key teachings of Islam, that of prayer, discipline, servitude, and respect. 

As a new month of fasting begins, we as a nation should take this as an opportunity to look deep within ourselves, so that we may understand better our flaws and concentrate on being the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

This year, our faith has already been tested. With two heinous terrorist attacks -- one in Christchurch, New Zealand and the other in various parts of Sri Lanka -- there has never been a better time for Muslims to enforce the notion that Islam is a religion of peace above all else.

We must not forget that the threat of terror and extremism is a very real one, and that there are those amongst us who would like nothing more than to shatter the image of Islam as a force of good, and sow the seeds of division amongst us as people.

As such, this Ramadan, let us restore our faith in the religion of peace, stand against forces of violence, and fight for humanity and the sanctity of life.

In the Qur’an, it is said that “whoever kills a person unjustly … it is as though he has killed all mankind.” 

This Ramadan, let us carry this truism in our hearts and spread love amongst our fellow citizens and human beings, and stand against those who are violent in the name of God.

Ramadan Mubarak to our readers.