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Skilled to perfection

  • Published at 11:59 pm May 5th, 2019
Skilled manpower

High youth unemployment rates will always be a blight to any developing nation

One of the biggest issues facing Bangladeshi industries these days is an immense shortage of skilled manpower -- a shortage that is felt by 36% of all employers in the nation.

To clarify, skilled manpower refers to potential employees who have completed university and are primed for a certain discipline or industry. Given the lack of any diversity in our university curricula, the shortage starts to make a lot of sense.

And that is the fundamental flaw within our higher educational institutes.

Bangladeshi universities need to start offering more diverse curricula that are in-tune with the needs and wants of the nation, especially ones that could potentially help boost our economy even further.

For example, given that the current goal of our nation is to reach middle-income status in the near future, universities need to start building lasting relationships with the various industries which contribute to our economic output.

High youth unemployment rates will always be a blight to any developing nation, and while increased job creation is still the best way to lower such rates, a solution still lies within our higher educational institutes collaborating with our industries in formulating curricula which can directly benefit our economy and our nation going forward.

With almost half a million jobs needing to be created to employ the emerging generation of young men and women, both the private and public sectors need to start working together.

To that end, our universities are a great place to start.