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Our ailing health care sector

  • Published at 12:00 am May 5th, 2019
Health care

What is needed now is for the sector to continue to innovate

A nation is often defined by the state of its health care system.

Which is why it is all the more unfortunate that Bangladesh, a country that millions of people call home, has thus far fallen way short of providing citizens with adequate health care.

As usual, it is the poor who receive the shortest end of the stick.

Given the woeful lack of any measures towards decentralization, our nation regularly sees a steady influx of people into our cities, and knowing just how unaffordable private health care services can be, a significant amount of people in our cities are deprived of any sort of health care at all.

But affordability is hardly the sole problem.

Recent reports of a hospital in Naogaon being on the verge of collapse due to being understaffed and ill-equipped are an indicator of the current situation of our public health care services overall.

The hospital, which has 50 beds and has a capacity of 33 posts for health care officials, only has six physicians employed.

While issues such as medical negligence still plague our health care sector, the biggest issue is still a woeful lack of resources and personnel.

Our rapid economic progress and industrialization will mean nothing if the actual people who are making it all possible are enjoying sub-par quality of life and dying of sickness. We need to start taking health care more seriously.