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More women on the police force

  • Published at 11:59 pm April 12th, 2019

The presence of women officers taking down the report will greatly encourage women to come forward

It is not easy for women to come forward about rape, assault, and sexual harassment in this country.

For quite some time, it has been known that police in Bangladesh tend to be reluctant to accept cases relating to rape or other types of sexual violence; and victims, upon trying to lodge a case, find themselves further humiliated and harassed by law enforcement officers.

Women, then, are often doubly victimized by when they seek help, usually by male police officers who are totally insensitive about the issue. 

Video footage showing the OC of Sonagazi police station being reluctant to accept Nusrat Jahan Rafi’s case has emerged, and brings to light once again the sheer negligence and lack of understanding of the gravity of the issue in our male police personnel when it comes to rape cases.

The solution to this problem is clear: We need more female police officers across the force to deal with cases like Nusrat’s, with the necessary sensitivity and training.

A good start would be for the government to make it mandatory for all police stations across the country to have at least one female police officer on duty at all times, around the clock.

The presence of women officers taking down the report will greatly encourage women to come forward and make complaints, as women are more likely to pay attention to the nuances of the issue, and understand the gravity of the case.

This may require large-scale hiring to massively increase the number of female police personnel, but such an initiative is indeed the need of the hour, and the right way to spend public funds.

In the end, whether female or male, all members of law enforcement should be given rigorous training on dealing with matters pertaining to sexual violence, and action should be taken against any officer found in dereliction of duty.