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Cleaner and greener

  • Published at 11:59 pm January 9th, 2019

We cannot afford to sit back and expect the world to act

For the longest time, Bangladesh -- and, indeed, the world -- has relied on traditional sources of energy such as coal and gas, which are not only limited in supply, but have wreaked havoc on the environment, leading to harmful changes in the global climate. 

As one of the nations most vulnerable to the detrimental effects of climate change, we are on the frontlines of this fight whether we like it or not; so we must look more and more to alternative energy sources such as solar and wind, which are limitless in supply, and healthy for the planet.

Scientists have repeatedly warned us of the disastrous effects of climate change, and given our present practices, we will be unable to keep the global average temperature rise to under 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

This does not bode well for us, and for our future generations. 

To keep greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum, the government’s role in catalyzing this transition towards renewable energy cannot be underestimated, because at the end of the day, government policies will determine how easy that journey is.

A good way would be for authorities to not only raise awareness regarding the harmful effects of greenhouse gases, but also incentivize industries which are promoting green sources of energy.

While we cannot deny that climate change is mostly a result of the actions of richer nations, the recent climate change summits have shown us that we cannot afford to sit back and expect the world to act. 

Bangladesh can be a leader in this regard, and turn itself into a positive example for other countries adapting to the effects of climate change.

There is no time to waste.