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Let peace prevail

  • Published at 11:55 pm December 28th, 2018

No matter who wins, it is up to the other side to accept the outcome

With less than 48 hours to go, the election campaigns have officially come to an end. 

It is now time for the Bangladeshi people to take stock of what they have learned over the past few weeks and take part in the democratic process by casting their vote for their preferred candidate. 

However, the lead up to the elections has been far from ideal: We have seen acts of violence and arson being perpetrated by supporters of all parties and we must ensure that, after the elections, nothing of the sort is allowed to happen.

This is a responsibility that the candidates, supporters, parties, law enforcement, and the people share. 

At the end of the day, the purpose of a functioning democracy is to create a level playing field, and no matter who wins, it is up to the other side to accept the outcome and let peace prevail. 

For the democratic process to be a successful one, cooperation is key, and the journey ahead will require each party and each individual to work together. 

Bangladesh has come a long way since its independence 47 years ago, and it would be a tragedy of the highest order to let all that work go to waste for selfish attempts to grab power. 

If history is any indication, violence will get us nowhere, and both parties must work together to ensure that Bangladesh continues to develop and prosper. 

In the long run, a healthy election is absolutely necessary to the overall health of the nation, and will benefit us all.