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Heeding the captain’s plea

  • Published at 12:05 am December 26th, 2018

The people of Bangladesh deserve an election where they feel encouraged to go out and vote

Despite the country’s hopes that the upcoming general elections will be different from those of previous years, we are seeing violence, clashes, and untoward incidents marring the run-up to the elections scheduled for December 30. 

In the midst of all the unsavoury acts on display, it is particularly heartening to see the approach taken by Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, representing the Awami League in his hometown in Narail.

Speaking at a rally recently, Mashrafe stressed the need for safety and protection, both physical and mental, for all his political opponents -- a far cry from the approach that has become the norm in our nation.

It is disheartening to see that there are so many among us who continue to undermine a democratic approach to contesting the elections.

Though Mashrafe’s entry into politics was met with a few raised eyebrows, the skipper of Bangladesh’s ODI cricket team continues to display his leadership acumen -- with words and sentiments that the people of Bangladesh should surely be expecting from every other politician contesting in the upcoming elections.

The people of Bangladesh deserve an election where they feel encouraged to go out and vote, regardless of the political affiliation that they hold, and it is in the best interest of everyone involved to make sure that people are able to do so.

Thus we urge all the political candidates, their parties, and all administrative and law enforcement agencies to heed the captain’s plea, and make sure that nobody feels threatened or intimidated in upholding the democratic procedures of contesting an election.