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A legacy of courage and sacrifice

  • Published at 06:20 pm December 15th, 2018

Only by looking to our past can we build a prosperous future for Bangladesh

On this day, 47 years ago, Bangladesh was victorious.

Through the selfless acts and sacrifice of countless brave souls, our nation won its bloody independence from the clutches of the terrible West Pakistan regime which would rather see its own people dead than free and prosperous.

And after almost half a century of struggle, strife, and starvation, Bangladesh finds itself on the verge of becoming classified a developing nation, with a formidable presence on the world stage.

The amount of loss and damage that we suffered due to the barbarities of the Pakistan army and its collaborators are incalculable -- even now we can feel the knock-on effects of the martyred intellectuals brutally gunned down just two days before Bangladesh’s victory.

Nevertheless, Bangladesh has come a long way.

Not simply because of our tremendous economic prosperity and strides towards social development, but because we have kept alive the ideals upon which Bangladesh was founded.

As we witness one of the most brutal crimes against humanity in the form of the Rohingya crisis, it is Bangladesh that has come to their aid while the rest of the world has all but shunned responsibility. 

This is largely because we know what it is to be a people persecuted, and also simply because it is the right thing to do.

There are many challenges ahead of us still, and only by adhering to our founding ideals of democracy, secularism, and freedom, will we overcome them.

Only by looking to our past can we build a prosperous future for Bangladesh.