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Expectations from Katowice

  • Published at 06:16 pm December 5th, 2018

Developed nations have a responsibility to nations such as Bangladesh

We can no longer ignore the potential threat climate change poses for us in the near future. 

The world needs to act immediately if we are to have any chance of keeping global temperature rise to under 2 degrees Celsius. 

The world has been complacent on this issue for far too long but this can no longer be an option. And this is not a fight that can be won alone. 

It must be remembered that, when it comes to climate change, every single one of us is a stake-holder, and every single one of us is affected. The path towards ensuring a livable Earth for the future hinges on countries working together -- this means sharing research and resources, so that we are all benefited in the long run.

One aspect of this remains that, even though it is the developed nations, due to their larger quantities of emissions, who contribute the most to climate change, it is the poorer and developing nations who suffer. 

This means that developed nations have a responsibility to nations such as Bangladesh, which remains one of the countries most vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. 

Considering the fact that richer nations have been responsible for the vast majority of fossil fuel use in history, the onus is on them to ensure that, moving forward, developing nations receive the funding required to move towards greener sources of energy and have the resources required to battle climate change. 

Next week, the nations that are most vulnerable to climate change will have a chance to speak at COP24 in Katowice. 

We hope the rest of the world will be listening.