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A country of every religion

  • Published at 06:36 pm October 21st, 2018

For a secular nation such as ours, civil rights must be prioritized

It is a matter of great shame that, even in this day and age, communal violence and harassment continue to rear their ugly heads in Bangladeshi society.

Any behaviour which perpetuates this sort of sentiment must be eradicated the moment it makes itself shown. 

For example, it is completely unacceptable that a group of drunken thugs attacked worshippers at Durga Puja celebrations in Gopalganj last Friday, harassing and assaulting all the girls and women who were present. 

We are pleased to learn that police officials acted soon after the incident took place, and that those responsible for the attack have been arrested. 

But what exactly allows for such behaviour to continue to exist in our society?

One possible reason remains that, certain people consider minorities to be easy targets because, oftentimes, authorities and law enforcement neglect their duties when it comes to protecting them.

For a secular nation such as ours, civil rights must be prioritized. 

These are the values upon which our nation was founded, and these are the valued upon which we must proceed.

It is the law enforcement’s duty to stamp out any such behaviour which seeks to derail our path towards social progress, and to make people understand that we are protected, no matter our religious affiliations.

Bangladesh boasts a diverse array of people of many ethnicities and religions, and, as a secular nation, it is important that we remain united. It is this diversity which speaks of our history, of our independence, and makes us a stronger and more capable nation.