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Dreams shattered, lives destroyed

  • Published at 06:04 pm September 6th, 2018

Do accounts such as this not stir the conscience of the world?

Words fail when describing the horrors endured by the Rohingya at the hands of Myanmar army personnel.

The deeply disturbing story of Minu, who recounted her experiences to the Dhaka Tribune, sheds light on how sexual violence is used in the crackdown against the Rohingya population, and will serve as a wake-up call to anyone who still harbours doubts about what is going on in the Rakhine state. 

Minu Ara, a Rohingya girl not yet 18, recently gave her account of being sexually brutalized by Myanmar army men to this newspaper. Before she found herself safe in the Kutupalong refugee camp, Minu was gang raped by four Myanmar army men in Rakhine before being left for dead. 

Do accounts such as this not stir the conscience of the world? In a year when the whole world is taking an unprecedented stand against sexual abuse, it is unconscionable to stand by and allow these horrific crimes to continue against a stateless population. 

Further troubling is the implication that she is but one of countless women who have similar stories to share. Such barbaric acts are nothing less than crimes against humanity.

Rape is one of the most heinous crimes there is, and for the Myanmar army to use rape deliberately in their brutal ethnic cleansing operations gives further credence to the UN’s advice to lodge the case with the International Criminal Court.

We cannot allow Myanmar to sweep its crimes under the rug, and the international community cannot turn a blind eye to the state’s misdeeds any longer.