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The fight against rape

  • Published at 12:30 pm July 19th, 2018

All too often, it is the victims of such attacks who are blamed and shamed

When a report indicates that at least 592 incidents of rape have occurred in the last six months alone, it speaks to a persistent sickness within our society, one that must be addressed post-haste.

The number is cause for alarm, and almost certainly the actual figure is much higher, as most incidents of rape and sexual assault go unreported in our country.

It seems that this disease has continued to worsen over the years, and now it is the government’s solemn duty to do everything possible to curb and eliminate such crimes.

For one, it is of utmost importance that victims of sexual harassment and rape feel comfortable and safe in the hands of our law enforcement officers.

All too often, it is the victims of such attacks who are blamed and shamed for what they have had to endure -- a most toxic mindset that must be reformed immediately.

The fact that criminals are often allowed to go free further contributes to a culture of impunity that is spiralling out of control.

It is crucial that the government takes a stronger approach to this problem, as cases not only of rape, but harassment and “eve-teasing” continue to persist in our public spaces.

Making women feel safe is essential.

The government can do this by providing our law enforcement officers with the appropriate training to deal with cases of rape and harassment -- victims must never be made to feel that they are at fault.

Furthermore, law enforcement must do everything in its power to ensure that the ones responsible are tried and brought to book. No more can we allow rapists to walk free, and for this problem to get worse and worse.