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Bridges across nations

  • Published at 12:24 am July 15th, 2018

Regional dialogue is absolutely imperative

Good relations between neighbours are of paramount importance, and never has this been more true than in globalized world of today.

Bangladesh has come a long way as country, not only on the economic front, but also in the fight against terror. The credit goes to the timely action and sound policies by our government, and the hard-working Bangladeshi men and women both within the country and overseas.

But we cannot discount the importance of regional cooperation to move forward in a constructive way.

Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit emphasized the importance of nations working together to tackle the world-wide problem of terror. We live in times which call for a coordinated approach to counter-terrorism.

To that end, regional dialogue is absolutely imperative.

Furthermore, dialogue and partnerships with our neighbours are proven ways of improving any nation’s economic strength. While the state of our trade remains healthy, further dialogue can only open up newer avenues for Bangladeshi-made products to penetrate other international markets.

Of course, there are more immediate issues at hand, which also stand to be mitigated through cooperation. Border disputes have long been an issue which between India and Bangladesh specifically, and while the circumstances have improved much in the last few years, a stable and disciplined India-Bangladesh border is not that far off.

A country cannot exist in isolation, and as a nation that is actively targetting middle income status within the next few years, stronger ties with our neighbours can only benefit us, in both the short and long terms.