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A focus on technology

  • Published at 04:32 am July 12th, 2018
  • Last updated at 02:57 pm July 12th, 2018

The ICT sector has taken Bangladesh to new heights

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s decision to emphasize information and communication technology, or ICT, 10 years ago was one of the most forward thinking steps taken by the current government.

By predicting the widespread reach of technology, and focusing our resources in the ICT sector, Bangladesh has ensured its place in the future. 

And today, a decade later, that vision, aptly dubbed Digital Bangladesh, has become a reality. 

But the realization of this dream has not come about automatically; it has taken 10 years of governmental planning and people’s efforts.

Ease of access to the internet has improved drastically: As of April 2018, 150 million people in Bangladesh had access to the internet, which was a mere 20 million 10 years ago.

And by focusing on massive ICT-related infrastructural improvements, the people have benefitted greatly. 

Not only have the installations of submarine cables improved the speed of the internet services being provided in conjunction with plans to set up 12 IT parks, the government has also provided training to the Bangladeshi youth, creating jobs and nurturing skills which have already made their mark on the global stage. 

In a recent study, of all outsourced online workers in the world, Bangladesh is now in second place with 16.8%. With a clear drive to train people in various fields such as graphic design, web design and development, and digital marketing, the government has succeeded in creating a generation of highly-skilled workers making their mark on the global stage. 

But challenges lie ahead, the biggest of which is our education sector, which lags behind in providing the necessary training required to our youth. It is only through tapping into the potential that we can continue to make a mark, and achieve progressive sustainable development.

The ICT sector has taken Bangladesh to new heights. We must work to ensure that it continues to be a source of development for our country.