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No place left to hide

  • Published at 12:13 pm July 6th, 2018

We congratulate the UN body for calling a spade a spade

The UN chief hit the nail on the head with his pointed query: “Have you no shame?” This is what the Myanmar position has descended to.

That Myanmar has engaged in ethnic cleansing can no longer be credibly denied. To try to deny what the world knows to be true is to expose oneself before the world. 

With approximately a million Rohingya now forcibly displaced from their homeland, to suggest that Myanmar is committed to defending the rights of all, as a Myanmar my official did during a debate with United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein, is not only risible, but it insults the intelligence of the world.

But such claims no longer wash. The world knows the truth, and no amount of dissembling by Myanmar can change this.

We congratulate the UN chief for calling a spade a spade. His was a powerful and timely statement that we hope will signal a shift in terms of reference surrounding this human tragedy. 

The assertion that Myanmar is simply responding to acts of terror is as tired as it is unbelievable. No one believes this, and Myanmar only digs itself deeper into its diplomatic hole when it tries to argue this as a defense for the atrocities they have visited on the Rohingya.

To be blunt, the regime’s credibility has finally sunk to zero. The UNHCHR has just called Myanmar out, and the regime now stands fully exposed before the international community.

The UNHCHR’s strong words towards Myanmar and its recognition of the atrocities committed and who is to blame inspires hope that the international community may finally have to sit up and take notice.