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A sensible first step

  • Published at 12:42 am June 27th, 2018

To make it easy for pedestrians, zebra crossing also needed to be installed in crowded roads

When it comes to accidents on the roads, there is no discrimination: Rich or poor, riding a car, bus, or motorcycle, tragedy can strike anyone.

The statistics are grim: According to news sources, between June 10 and June 25 alone, 200 people perished in traffic accidents on the highways.

No doubt, the lack of proper monitoring and regulations has allowed dangerous driving -- sometimes drivers fall asleep behind the wheel, or drive tired.

It is, then, good to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina give directives to the authorities concerned -- restricting drivers from plying on highways for longer than five hours at a stretch.

The directive comes on the heels of an ever-growing death toll, which includes the latest five fatalities in Tangail.

Curbing the problem of road accidents is a tall order, but the PM deserves kudos for taking a very sensible first step.

Of course, the five-hour driving limit is only a small part of the bigger picture, which is why the PM has asked for several other changes to be made regarding road rules.

Other rules for the road, all as urgent as can be, include keeping a substitute driver in the case of long distance vehicles, installing facilities where drivers can stop and rest along highways, and taking sterner action against those who cross roads in violation of the rules.

Of course, to make it easy for pedestrians, zebra crossing also needed to be installed in crowded roads.

Lives have been lost and tears have been shed over a lack of proper implementation of traffic rules, but with these new measures, there is hope we are seeing the beginnings of a solution.