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Connectivity makes it happen

  • Published at 12:02 pm June 26th, 2018

The level of utter chaos on our streets has reached a breaking point

One of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s crowning achievements has been putting Bangladesh on the map, be it through economic progress, our focus on sustainable development, or through the humanitarian example we have set.

A key element to achieving this has been the increased focus on connectivity and regional cooperation, which allows forward-thinking individuals and groups to prosper without obstacles in the way.

This has been highlighted in the PM’s efforts to resume the railroads between Bangladesh and India -- a surefire way of increasing bilateral ties.

It is also evident in Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s involvement with other regional leaders such as Khadga Prasad Oli, prime minister of Nepal, who she has invited to visit Bangladesh.

It is important for countries like Bangladesh to understand the importance of cooperating with regional powers, allowing us to take advantage of each other’s resources, and getting stronger together as a result.

Developing nations can achieve much more if they work together, creating win-win situations which benefit both countries.

A good example is the number of international students in Bangladesh’s various universities, many of them Nepalese, signalling true cross-cultural interactions, and exchanges of knowledge.

But there is much more Bangladesh and its regional partners can do. For one, lower taxes would encourage commerce while visa-free access, especially with countries like Thailand and Malaysia, would go a long way towards encouraging tourism.

Regional connectivity is the way to regional prosperity, and we must foster good relations with our neighbours if we are to move ahead towards our development targets, together.