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Used and abused

  • Published at 01:07 am May 22nd, 2018

They go through so-called local ‘middlemen’ who trick them with false hopes

Every year, thousands of Bangladeshi men and women make the dangerous journey abroad for work. 

And the money they send back to their families remains one of the biggest sources of foreign currency for Bangladesh, and plays a significant role in boosting the economy. 

But, despite this, we have not done enough as a nation to protect these migrant workers who do so much for us. 

All too often, these workers find themselves in foreign lands all alone at the mercy of their employers, overworked and abused, with no one to safeguard their rights.

A study last year found that countless people die thanks to inhumane working conditions, with many of it leading to severe health problems causing heart attacks and strokes. 

However, there is no denying that the brunt of this is faced by women, who not only have to work under these conditions, but are also are greater risk of sexually harassment, assault, and rape.

Much of this persists because of the avenues used by people from rural areas to find work abroad -- they go through so-called local “middlemen” who trick them with false hopes, but all too often serve as nothing more than human traffickers, who lie and smuggle people abroad, to be used and abused. 

Until the government takes a more direct approach in stamping the perpetrators out, our citizens will continue to be taken advantage of. 

We must also work towards creating awareness amongst villagers, who oftentimes rely on their neighbours’ word instead of going to government sanctioned agents. 

If these middlemen wish to help out their fellow villagers, they must do so under the strict regulations of the government.

The safety of our citizens must always remain the priority.