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The EU takes a step in the right direction

  • Published at 05:14 pm April 27th, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:25 am April 28th, 2018
The EU takes a step in the right direction
The European Union has made the right move by deciding to extend its arms embargo against Myanmar.  In addition, the EU has placed individual sanctions on certain members of the Myanmar armed forces for its “serious and systemic” human rights violations, which means the European community is now taking note of what is really happening in Rakhine state. The EU move follows in the footsteps of the US and Canada, who have taken similar actions against the current Myanmar government. And it is about time that the international community took action to ensure that Myanmar changed its ways and put a stop to the persecution of the Rohingya. The world’s initial silence on the Rohingya crisis allowed for Myanmar to continue its ethnic cleansing operations, but, it has now become impossible to not acknowledge the ruthlessness with which the Myanmar army has treated the Rohingya in Rakhine, from where they were purposefully evicted with force. Homes were destroyed, women were raped, children were killed. Such extraordinary acts of cruelty demand that the world take action against Myanmar. To make matters worse, despite the repatriation deal agreed on in January, in which they promised to ensure the right of return of the Rohingya with all of the rights afforded to citizens, Myanmar has continued to employ underhanded tactics to delay whatever possibility there was of a permanent solution to the crisis. The current situation dictates that Myanmar is nothing more than a regime that merely claims to uphold democratic values while, in action, they continue to be anything but. Whether or not Myanmar ever does take the Rohingya back, a concerted effort by the international community is necessary to teach Myanmar a lesson. The EU is a major player that the rest of the world cannot ignore, and what the EU does in this regard matters.