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Bangladesh is booming

  • Published at 07:22 pm March 26th, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:19 am March 27th, 2018
Bangladesh is booming
As we start on our 48th year, we need to take stock of everything that has defined Bangladesh so far and what it means for our nation as we step into the future. Bangladesh’s struggle over the last 47 years has been emblematic of our people’s resilience, but the future should show what Bangladesh as a nation is capable of. A simple glance at our achievements is enough to attest to this fact. We have, of course, moved away from being a least developed country to becoming a developing nation. While the government and our people must be lauded for their efforts, we cannot rest idle. We need to aim higher, and work towards becoming a developed nation, one that will stand amongst the best nations in the world, and provide its people with the best quality of life. And this is not far from reality. Our economy is flourishing at a steady growth rate thanks to our diverse industries, we have ticked off the SDGs and MDGs with supreme efficiency, and our nation’s overall presence on the global stage has never been more prominent. While our education sector is facing severe challenges, there is no denying that the youth of this nation have the potential to carry this country into the future. As Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has stated, in her recent address, that it is the responsibility of our children to carry the torch forward, making Bangladesh an even better country than it is now. Additionally, the numerous infrastructural changes put in place by the government have shown that, when it comes to policy, the people of this country come first. What we need to do now is to make sure that our priorities remain unchanged, and that we continue to do as we have done for the last 48 years, but with far more efficiency and keeping long-term goals in mind. Bangladesh is definitely booming, but for it to keep on doing so, we need to work towards eliminating the obstacles on the path towards progress. We cannot let anything stand in the way of our continued upward trajectory.